Doing the best we can!

We’re in Rome at the convent; same old routine: bus from Ciampino to Termini; 64 bus to the Corso; check in with the sisters (who have made certain that we have room 304 — the quietest in the convent) and describe each of the belli grandchildren; go to sleep. Wake up, buy long awaited Atkinson’s lavender soap at the supermarket, get cappuccino at St Eustachio, wander over to Baffetto for capricciosa pizza, to Tre Scalini for tartuffo, and then to bed.

We couldn’t get online in Paris so this post is late — typed one-finger style on the iPad.

Backing up a bit: arrived at Charles de Gaulle at 1pm instead of 5:30am. Not much choice but to sleep for few hours, eat a lovely dinner with Dani and Rosine (pate and cheese!!), and hit the sack again at 10pm. What a surprise when we awoke to discover that it was 11:55am the next day! Here’s the very exceptional home of Dani and Rosine in the 15th:

with its magnificent backyard garden:

One Response to Doing the best we can!

  1. Wheeler Ruml says:

    Oh no – one finger typing on an iPad! What happened to the vaunted multi-touch! I’m sure jealous of your menu – yum!



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