A pretty lazy day

Saturday May 22 – Paris: We won’t discover until tomorrow (thanks to Jean-Louis) that the password to Dani’s wifi is on a label attached to the basestation, so this post is backdated! We started the day by walking over to Max Poilane’s bakery (brother of the famous one) for sable cookies and to see the used book market in the adjoining park.

We then took a long walk to the Saturday market at Montparnasse with Rosine — we didn’t make it that far but we got to the street (rue Brown-Seguard) where she and Dani first lived in Paris and where Frances visited for a week in 1978. We had signed up to make a cherry tart for the big Sunday dinner tomorrow so we went to the big shopping street a few blocks to the west. Cherries, leeks, carpaccio (for dinner in the Florentine style with parmigiano and rucola), etc.

Here’s the result:

Rosine and Dani at the dinner table:

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