Adieu Alsace, on to Bourgogne

[Deb here – ed.] After breakfast, we realized that we had a little Cremant d’Alsace remaining in the refrigerator, so we simply had to make mimosas with our freshly-squeezed orange juice before packing up. [Then we simply drank the rest – ed.]

B and I said goodbye to our lovely hosts north of Colmar, Bernard and Genevieve, and drove south, stopping in Belfort, the town in which B lived for one summer when he was 18 with the Dreyfus family [for those of you doing the math, that would be 49 years ago – ed.]. We walked Belfort and found the shoe store which Dani’s family had owned. Their home was above the store; this is where B lived while he was learning to speak French.

We stopped for lunch at a bustling brasserie for two sumptuous salads [note the scallops in the top one – ed.]:

We walked up to see the remaining citadel and the Lion de Belfort, sculpted by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi from Colmar, who shortly thereafter sculpted the Statue of Liberty.

We’ve just arrived east of Beaune and Dijon, staying in a lovely chambre d’hote outside of Dole, a city along the canal which we’d visited by way of a barge a number of years ago.

B and I are having a little picnic on the terrace of this home where we have a suite with leaded windows and a large bathroom with enormous tub: 50euros per night for two!

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