Lazy day in Strasbourg; Table!

Tuesday, June 1 – Kintzheim: As you can see, this will be our fourth night in Kintzheim and we feel that it’s practically home. We decided that we’d given Strasbourg short shrift and returned there in the morning to see the cathedral and its medieval astronomical clock. The shopping was particularly good: we went into the perfume shop which uses the silk peonies for display and asked whether we could by some and were told “yes”! Found a marvelous charcuterie shop with herring in cream sauce, pate en croute, and rillette of goose; pastry shop with a nice reine de saba. We had lunch in a park by the river concentrating on the rillettes:

You can see the peonies in the lower right (better picture soon):

We stopped at the big-box area south of Strasbourg to look for a picnic table and could not believe our good luck: found a perfect one for 14euros.

Although we had plenty of picnic things to eat, we decided that it would be foolish not to indulge one last time in the asparagus tarte flambée at the small family restaurant in Kintzheim we tried last night.

Then a wonderful video Skype chat with Wheeler to catch up on his family trip by train to NYC and the necessary sugary nightcap:

[Update: I see I forgot to exclaim about our good fortune in finding the perfect picnic table (to go with our chairs) in a big box sporting goods store (Decathlon). You’ll see it as soon as the sun comes out and we can actually have a picnic!]

One Response to Lazy day in Strasbourg; Table!

  1. Niki says:

    Yummy! you two are indulging and we are jealous.

    p.s. the name of the street we lived in Worcester was “Wheeler Ave”.

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