Le Jardin des Ramparts, Beaune: the best!

Friday, May 4 – Meursault: Well, you’re going to have to be patient with me on this one! We’ve just had (that is, before the necessary nap we just took following) the best restaurant experience we can remember. The last time we were in Beaune, perhaps four or five years ago, we had an indelible lunch at a wonderful upscale restaurant nestled in the fortifications of the town. We thought we should go back. The chef, if he’s the same one has grown enormously in the interim and the attention paid to the small details is simply astonishing.

In preparing the pictures for this post, we both concluded that they are a pale reflection of the experience. But they’re all we have to try to convey a sense of the occasion. Here’s an overview of the setting:

And the menu we had:

Along with these amuse bouche (candied hazelnuts, cheese fracos, with the cone holding mustard ice cream!!) comes a small pot of popcorn.

Then these El Bulli derived “flavor globs”: aside from the cherry tomato, spheres of concentrated juice formed into an ball with some chemical which produces the exterior. Intense and wonderful!

I’m skipping the mackerel (fried with a light batter) to show the escargots in a beurre blanc sauce. A terrific variation of the traditional:

The entrees were a black squid-ink risotto with slivers of tasty squid on top:

and a poulet roti with “little peas”:

The potato puree (swimming in butter [yum!]) was served in a wine glass!

A beautiful pear souffle with wine-grape sorbet for dessert:

And with the coffee sugar (to the left), an intense pain d’epice:

and homemade marshmallows (far left in photo above) which were to die for.

Backing up a bit, in the morning we left the little cliff-side village of Orches, here seen from above:

and toured the one remaining mustard mill in Beaune where Deb got a chance to grind her own mustard seeds with verjus and salt:

We look forward to tomorrow when we have a 12:30p reservation at Le Jardin des Ramparts!

3 Responses to Le Jardin des Ramparts, Beaune: the best!

  1. Wheeler Ruml says:

    Gee whiz – sure looks fancy!

  2. George T. says:

    How often do you test your cholesterol?
    In the picture, it looked more like octopus than squid.
    Squid ink is something that I looked all over Boston for!
    Get the recipe for the risotto.

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