Lazy Sunday: laundry and a rebuilt chateau

Sunday, June 6 – Puligny-Montrachet: We looked forward to a very slow day today and we were right. After waiting in the square in the neighboring village of Meursault for some bar to open to have coffee (finally at 11:15a just before church let out), we headed for Chagny where we were told there was a laundromat. In fact a very good laundromat!

While our clothes were getting clean we explored the large Sunday market, bought some mushrooms (note that the morels are from Canada!!)

and were amused to see the seller of live poultry.

When the clothes were dry, we went on to the chateau of Rochepot built in the late Middle Ages and enlarged to splendor in the 16th century. Unfortunately, abandoned by the foreign owner after the Revolution and used as a source to stones for much of the village. In the late 19th century, two Frenchmen decided to restore it with mixed results. From the outside, its an impressive example of its type.

On the inside, the prevailing notions in 1890 of what the renaissance should have been like crowds out anything close to the authentic. But a knock-out 1910 kitchen ready to feed an army. Nice view of the countryside from the ramparts:

We closed out the day with some strawberries from the market and a half-bottle of Crement d’Alsace which we’d been carrying around for too long.

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