Wine; second lunch at Le Jardin

Saturday, June 5 – Puligny-Montrachet: We started the day with a wine tasting in this small village: 6 whites and 2 reds from 2008. It persuaded me that I’m not able to discern enough difference between similar wines (the whites were all chardonnays) to worry about the quality differences which make wine expensive. I’ll just have to satisfied to be a cheese guy. (Of course, it could have been my cold getting in the way.)

We inquired of the degustation proprietor about chambre d’hotes in the neighborhood and found a spot to relax for two nights (our previous two places had been able to accommodate us for only one night). We need a rest as I’ve been struggling with a bad head cold and Deb is now coming down with something. Here’s the outside view:

Then we went to lunch again at Le Jardin des Ramparts. Given our familiarity with the menu and the “extras” it was bound to be less overwhelming; nonetheless, it was a terrific meal with some old friends such as the mustard ice cream:

A new amuse bouche of charolais (a burgundy specialty) tartare:

And one of a peeled, stewed, cherry tomato (note the herb and fleur de sel garnish):

Dishes from the 45 euro menu: a mullet crudo (seared lightly) with asparagus:

And the knock-out of the day: dorade with a roll of thinly-sliced papaya (this is the sort of invention which really distinguishes the very best chefs [or have I just missed the latest fad on the French food scene?]):

Then a duckling breast a l’orange and sesame:

Finally, before dessert, a papaya flavor glob topped with a lace cookie:

Post-prandial nap (we didn’t have coffee in anticipation) after doing the daily shopping. After an evening drive around the neighboring wine villages, to bed early to try to stem the colds! [No wifi, so this will be posted later.]

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