A lost day

Wednesday, June 9 – Dammarie les Lys: We decided this morning to stay put since the rain continues and there is really nothing to do anywhere else. We spent the better part of the day driving into Paris to the bank on Rue Victor Hugo to pick up the new credit card. This was a grueling drive of close to two hours (each way) although the iPad says that the trip should take 56 minutes.

We were surprised to find an underground parking garage just at the corner where the bank is, ducked in, and found a single spot in the second level down where the sign said “complete”; well then, one mildly bright spot in the day! We were further rewarded when we surfaced to see a Starbucks just ahead. As it was 1:45p and we hadn’t had any coffee yet, this was another very pleasant turn of events.

We went to the bank receptionist and retrieved the card; she helped us make a deposit at the ATM — we never would have figured it out ourselves. Yea! We now can deal with situations requiring a “CB” credit card!

As a final reward, we stopped at the cafe on the corner for a double-dip of Berthillon’s best chocolate and pistachio:

In the evening, after another in-room supper, we decided that we needed the diversion offered by the multiplex located across the street (an enormous complex offering bowling and ice skating in addition to the 10 screens). We decided on “Sex and the City 2” in part because we had seen the first film on Santorini with Greek subtitles. This time it was dubbed into French and, of course, none of the familiar characters had their correct voices anymore. We were mildly surprised how little we could understand. Next time: Robin Hood!

One Response to A lost day

  1. Wheeler Ruml says:

    Great to finally see a picture of the photographer! I could swear that Kate and I were in Semur and visited that abbey on our honeymoon – wonderful memories. Sorry to hear about the rain…



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