Getting ready for Giverny

Saturday, June 12 – Paris: We would have left Paris this morning (given the full day of sunshine yesterday) but we had tremendous overnight thunderstorms which dropped a lot of water. The day turned out to be only mildly overcast with nice patches of sun. We set out to see the Orangerie with the Monet waterlilies and the Guillaume collection of modern art of the 1920s and 1930s. As we were in the neighborhood and it was overcast, we had a good excuse to visit one of our favorite places, Angelina, famous for their hot chocolate:

The new installation (2006) of the waterlilies is about as good as it could be (top floor with large skylight) and the paintings are impressive.

Happily, they restrict the number of people in the room so that it’s not too crowded.

We then went to the Marais for some window shopping. Stopped quickly for some french pizza which was much better than expected:

We found a perfect souvenir in a terrific antique silver shop: a crystal sugar shaker with a silver top:

Finally, we sat in the Place des Vosges park where I downloaded the Scalia biography for one of my fall classes into the iPad. Couldn’t have been a more Parisian picture of a Saturday afternoon.

One Response to Getting ready for Giverny

  1. George T. says:

    Don’t complain about the weather.
    In Maine we got out the snow suits and the fur coats!
    Do you think the sun has survived the “climate warming”?

    Re: fooding: Our experience was somewhat similar. in the distant past, it was hard to find “bad food” in Paris. however, the last time, we managed to get a few unsatisfactory meals.
    Did you make it to L’Entrecote? Very pleasant experience (particularly the green sauce on the steak), though not gourmet-ish. On the same street there were 2 other “boites” that looked good possibilities, though we did not have the time to try them.

    Debra looks very photogenic in all the pictures.

    In boring Maine, the Ruml blog is a daily entertainment.

    George T.

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