Don’t visit Giverny on Sunday!

Sunday, June 13 – near Giverny: We got off rather late (had to take advantage of Dani’s wifi to get the posts up) heading for Giverny in the sunshine. We arrived at 12:30p and took almost an hour to get the lay of the land — one of the least organized places we’ve been. When we saw the line to get into Monet’s house and gardens (at least 40 minutes) we decided to go and have some lunch and return later.

We got the lunch:

and then returned at 3:30p to photograph the flowers:

and breeze right into the house. Nope! The line was even longer! So we went to the tourist office and inquired about chambre d’hotes. There we learned that if we bought an all-inclusive ticket at the Impressionism Museum we could skip the line and enter through the group entrance. The gardens are very much worth seeing, especially the lily pond:

We then went off to the chambre d’hote we’d selected:

A small room in the attic (more stooping to get around) and the smallest shower on the planet but the bonus of a pet donkey!

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