A very French interlude

Friday, June 18 – Sevaney (north of Nantes): What a day! We left Fontevraud-l’Abbaye after seeing the Abbey, another very thorough reproduction of an important ancient site. Unfortunately, my camera battery turned up dead so I don’t have any pictures!

We headed for Puy du Fou, an “attraction” considered “worth a detour” in the Michelein green guide. We arrived about 4p to find a gigantic amusement part, French style, with “spectacles” such as “Les Gladiateurs” and “Les Vikings”. We watched a fine falconry show with a dozen falcons swooping over the audience, several owls, and an eagle or two. We then watch the aforementioned rather hokey shows and realized how lucky we were that the main show (starting at 10:30p) was sold out. The demographic was similar to that at a state fair.

We had called three chambres d’hôtes from the tourist office in the park and found them all booked. Then one called back to say that he could accommodate us, so we got instructions for meeting at the tabac in the middle of his village, some 20 kms away. He was difficult to talk to over the phone and when we arrived for the meeting, he wasn’t there. After some more telephone calls, we met and were led on a drive far into the country. As we pulled into the remote farmhouse, we discovered that there was another car also following. That turned out to be a French family of three who were shown to their room first. When our turn came, there was no room in the inn, and our host offered to call a neighbor. We decided that he was sufficiently unstable that we were better off somewhere down the road and we thanked him and left.

This put us on the road to Nantes at 8:30p and we set a new record of not having a place to stay until we arrived here at 9:30p, a small town of no consequence but several hotels. We got a room immediately and repaired to the local creperie for a long-overdue dinner.

[We have some pictures in Deb’s camera which we’ll insert here at the next opportunity.]

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