More lousy weather; one last chateau

Thursday, June 17 – Fontevraud-l’Abbaye: An overcast day with intermittent light rain. Not perfect for visiting chateaux. So we stayed in bed until 9:30am and then moved very slowly to the neighboring town to get our croissant and coffee for breakfast.

We then drove to Chinon to see the town and its chateau. We cased the town for plausible dinner restaurants and found several promising ones. We also found a terrific baker who makes all sorts of unusual breads including this ciabatta with onion and lardons with cheese. We bought one and ate it for lunch.

We then took a turn around the town market which was just closing up, bought me a belt, and admired the Joan of Arc statue from the late 19th century (you go, girl!):

We also happened upon this most out-of-place restaurant in the old medieval section of the town (yes, they had chicken wings, “onion rings”, guacamole, and so on!):

As it turned out, after a great deal of hiking, the chateau is closed for a month (no explanation offered, and of course, no indication on any of the signs leading to it). So we went off to Langeais the last chateau on our list (can you say “chateau fatigue”?). After some intervening rain, we visited it and it was delightful. Many very nice tapestries including this crucifixion number:

and this fine mille fleurs:

With more light rain coming down we decided we’d rather eat in than go to a restaurant and, after our visit to the nearest hypermarket, the rain let up long enough for us to eat outside our door. I have to show you the sort of thing that you find all over France but can’t get even at Savenor’s: a three-quarter pound duck breast of for $7:

The other surprise at the hypermarket was this new (to us) flavor of potato chip:

Part of our supper was this fine duck liver mousse:

and this not-tart-enough tarte citron:

[Deb apologizes for the “disgusting junk food” shown in this post.]

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