Lazy Monday by the pool

Monday, June 21 – Noirmoutier: It was pretty much a no-brainer whether we would stay on here. But the room was available for only one more night so we determined to make the best of it. We had a large bag of dirty laundry (it had been 15 days!) so we headed off to the town laundromat — not as impressive as the last one but the machines worked just fine.

We looked around town a bit (nothing had been open yesterday) and found an impressive fishmonger with beautiful turbot:

We had a pick-up lunch of left-overs:

We sunned ourselves by the pool (nobody took any pictures of this). And at the end of the day went to the beach where a local singing group was giving an impromptu concert. We settled in at the local restaurant for the local mussels in an odd curry-tinged sauce:

And, even if they were compromised by being out-of-season, some oysters:

The desserts were memorable: a fruit soup that we’ll try to duplicate:

and, for me, the long-sought ile flotante:

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