Paradise in a marsh

Sunday, June 20 – Noirmoutier: Spent the morning getting off those posts which had piled up when we were without any Internet connection. Lazy and fun! About noon, we headed out for Noirmoutier, an island of salt marshes which is now connected by a bridge to the mainland. Very similar to Cape Cod in all respects. The big “industries” are salt and tiny, very flavorful potatoes grown in the salty soil. The local supermarket is heavy on flip-flops and grilling. And the eating places are heavy on the moules. (Unfortunately, the local oysters are out-of-season.)

When we arrived, we headed (as usual) for the tourist office to get the list of chambre d’hotes. The office was sufficiently automated so that they could tell us which hosts had vacancies. (There were surprisingly few listings but rather high-end with prices into the 120s.) We selected one at 60 euros whose picture featured a swimming pool. What a magnificent situation!

A rather prosperous couple had added two bedrooms to their very comfortable vacation home for guests. We could not believe our luck! Here’s the story:

Check out this bathroom!

We had a quick lunch by the pool:

When we went to town to eat, things were very quiet. We selected the one restaurant which seemed to have some pretensions: the chef in the visible kitchen was wearing a toque! Our dinner of moules and grilled sardines:

And no meal here would be complete without some Noirmoutier potatoes:

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