Picnic by the river

Wednesday, June 23 – (west of Cognac): We were catching up on posts this morning in the main room (the only place the wifi reached) when our host announced that he had to leave for an appointment, and therefore we did too. (Not online again for days!)

We hopped in the car and headed towards Cognac. We stopped at a hypermarket outside of Saintes to replenish the cooler and buy a picnic lunch (nice pate de campagne). We found a delightful spot by the river Charentes about 17 kilometers west of Cognac:

View in the other direction:

Here’s the main course:

We had bought a bottle of Pineau (in George’s honor) and enjoyed it as an after-lunch treat.

After lunch, it was about 4pm and not long after we got underway again we saw a sign for a pineau producer who, in addition to his direct sales, offered chambres d’hote. So we stopped to find a very pleasant room set way back from the highway:

We rested and read for a while before having dinner at a place down the road which our host had recommended. It was inconsequential except for the foie gras which looked like this on the menu:

and like this on the plate:

Amazing value! But then we’re getting close to duck country.

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