Getting the project underway

Saturday, June 26 – (east of La Rochefoucauld): After our breakfast (we knew from experience that it’d be subpar, so I asked Madame to cook my last two eggs for 6 minutes; she was gone a loooong time, and, sure enough, returned with two very hard-boiled eggs), we called the Duchess to volunteer our services on the website and she was enthusiastic. So we agreed to talk further at 3pm.

We stopped in Cognac for coffee and a look around: nothing compelling. When we arrived again in La Rochefoucauld, we stopped at the tourist office to find a lodging and, as it was Saturday, had to call five places before finding a vacancy some 7km out of town. Deb was dubious, but it all worked out splendidly in the end. An old farmhouse which has just recently been remodeled for chambre d’hotes; large room with a spectacular eight-foot tall armoire:

our first “his and hers” bathroom:

Another view of the bedroom:

We had a picnic just outside the front gate of the farmstead and changed for our meeting with the Duchess. We had an animated discussion about the website and agreed that we’d give the project a try. Deb and I would devise a new structure for the website overnight and we’d meet tomorrow for lunch to discuss it.

We took some pictures of the public rooms before leaving: here’s the living room:

with it’s nineteenth century fireplace (the Duchess calls it “hideous” but I like the woodwork and the coat-of-arms):

When we got back to our room, we basically crashed.

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