Luncheon with the Duchess

Sunday, June 27 – (east of La Rochefoucauld): After a lovely breakfast featuring homemade jams:

I sat down to try to mock up something that would suggest the sort of design aesthetic I was proposing: simple, modern, uncluttered, a single column of text with photographs interspersed — not unlike this blog.

At noon, we rushed off for our luncheon date. We had a most congenial time discussing the family history, the major events in the life of the chateau, and, for a short while, the website. (We didn’t reach any conclusions about the new style but it was too early for that anyway.)

I finally persuaded the Duchess to permit me to use my tripod to take a video of her narrative. It completely filled my newly-formatted 4GB memory card and, as a result, I was not able to download it to iPhoto. I hope to be able to transfer it to a DVD or get a card reader to extract it from the memory card. (These little overhead items turn out to take a lot of time!) We’ll put some of it up, if we can.

We had a lazy afternoon with a good wifi connection and caught up with the Sunday Times and email. Picnic supper inside.

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