An exemplary sea-side resort

Sunday, July 4 – St-Jean-de-Luz: [Deb here] Happy 4th of July!, although it went unnoticed by us. After breakfast in Capbreton, we made the short, 20km drive to St-Jean-de-Luz, which turns out to be the epitome of resort towns: small, tasteful, family-oriented, with an enormous, fine-sand beach. By the end of the day, we’d resolved to spend four nights here relaxing a bit.

We located a lovely chambre d’hote in the center of town, 100 meters from the beach and the charming town centre. (First, we’d found one just outside of town which advertised WiFi, but on a premonition, before we’d hauled our bags to the tiny, over-priced second-floor room, B asked whether there was WiFi and the poor woman admitted that as she had neglected to write down the password, the WiFi was inaccessible. We promptly excused ourselves, put our bags in the car, and made another few calls.)

Here is our room in the centre of town:

We loved the black slate open shower (excuse the pajamas hanging in the photo):

Walking through town, we found the perfect shoe store for my replacement walking shoes — and they were all on sale! I immediately found the Geox shoes I’d been looking for and B couldn’t resist a pair that suited him! B has wide feet and the store proprietor offered to stretch them overnight; naturally, B had to document the process:

We found a terrific shop/cafe which makes only tarts, both savory and sweet:

and bought a slice of the potato, gruyere, herb:

Among the many charming aspects of this town were the municipal plant-watering truck:

and the terrific Italian gelateria which became our twice-a-day go-to dessert station:

Dinner was at one of the small, local restaurants: Petit Grille Basque where we had scallops:

and stuffed paquillos (a red pepper):

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  1. Wheeler Ruml says:

    Wow – sounds dreamy!

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