More chateau, then Pays Basque

Saturday, July 3 – Capbreton: [Deb here] Our last day in La Rochefoucauld began with lunch with the Duchess where she served us duck confit, potatoes poached in butter, garlic, and herbs, and her extraordinary aubergines (a well-known Middle Eastern dish called “the priest fainted” for which we were promised the recipe):

B and the Duchess had a promising conversation about the possibility of architectural schools in the U.S. either inviting her to speak to the students or establishing an architectural school at the chateau. Here is a photo of the half-collapsed donjon from the exterior (where I.M. Pei’s glass tower will complete nine centuries of architectural innovation):

and the view from the interior courtyard of the half that didn’t collapse:

After bidding her farewell, we settled in at the Cafe des Sports in town where B and I could update the blog, look at the NYTimes, and have a couple of beers. It was approximately 4:30 before we departed and decided to make our way south toward Biarritz and St. Jean de Luz, just before the Spanish border. We made it as far as Capbreton, where we almost broke our record for not having a place to stay before 9:15pm — happily, the tourist office had posted the list of chambres d’hote outside the door. After several phone calls, we found a place which could be called, at best, adequate.

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