Near-perfect meal redux

Thursday, July 1 – La Rochefoucauld: We had a lazy and most satisfying day today. We were out of that dreadful place (without breakfast) at 8:25a (a new record) driving north towards Sorges. We stopped along the way for coffee and I ate some raisin twists I’d purchased a few days before just for such an occasion.

Our destination was La Rochefoucauld and we followed the route suggested by the iPad: distinctly country roads at most a lane and a half wide:

It’s rare (for me anyway) to have a meal that is so satisfying that one wants to repeat it with only minor changes but that’s the way we felt about our dinner at L’Auberge de la Truffe. So we decided to pass through again on our way home and do just that. (In Sorges, we were able to solve the annual conundrum of getting a birthday present to Frances on July 9th. Of course, the solution will have to go undisclosed until then!)

We spent the morning in the cafe of the Auberge (with artificially low prices to attract the locals to this otherwise destination restaurant) using their wifi network. We also made our special request to the maitre d’ that our seared foie gras not be garnished with strawberries (as last time) but with cherries and we presented him with a bag of nice cherries for the purpose (we’re at the height of the cherry season). He cheerfully agreed.

Sorry to ask you to look at photographs of the same dishes again but we think the repetition is delicious! Starting with the truffle omelette:

accompanied by the very wonderful and distinctive carpaccio of magret:

As a result of a misunderstanding, we were forced to eat an entire order of foie gras chaud (with the cherries); they kindly divided it among two plates:

Then on to the foie gras froid (with cepes, apricots and nature):

with their splendid cereal bread:

All washed down (??) with a very tasty Bergerac red:

A little more than the last time:

We atoned for our pleasure by taking an hour or two to do our laundry once we reached La Rochefoucauld:

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