Fish tapas and World Cup victory for the locals

Sunday, July 11 – Barcelona: [Deb here] A quiet Sunday morning in Spain (nothing is open except the establishments operated by young Asian couples making their way in this city). We had our typical breakfast: freshly-squeezed Valencia oranges, croissants with light sugar frosting, and caffe con lecce.

B had located a fine family-run fish restaurant in our neighborhood for our Sunday meal of fish tapas and a bottle of cold cava. The menu:

The many dishes included (following some disastrous oysters) fish croquettes:

fried bacala (the usual paste this time) with the most common local pepper:

fried squid:



octopus salad:

what can only be called a grab bag:

and shrimp:

Probably the highest value meal we’ve had:

Tonight was the World Cup match between Spain and the Netherlands. We watched the match on the big-screen in the local cerveseria with a local contingent very happy with the outcome.

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