Day One in Barcelona (recovering)

Friday, July 9 – Barcelona: [Deb here] We decided that the Hotel Abbot was such a terrific place for the price that we asked whether we could stay for 5 more nights. They were booked solid for the week-end, but after some searching, the manager said that they had a double room without air conditioning, although she seemed reluctant to even offer it. I said that that was alright, and she said that she would offer it to us for 60 euros per night. I took a look at the room; it was essentially the same as the one we’d had for 80 euros. Since it had a refrigerator and we could keep cold wine, beer, and water in the room, it was a no-brainer for B. His reply: “we could eat very well for the difference.” So, here we are, exploring Barcelona for the first time.

The museum of Catalonian music had a wonderful tapas bar in the lobby:

and the exterior had columns of ceramic tile mosaics in many different designs and colors:

Back to the Cerveseria in our neighborhood for a quick lunch of carpaccio and gazpacho:

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