Can you say “pickpocket”?

Tuesday, July 13 – Barcelona: Our last in Barcelona! We resolved to do the “Modernist” walk to see the other Gaudi buildings in the center of the city, so we took the subway to the northern end of the walk. When exiting the turnstiles, I was walking behind Deb and a short Spanish woman bumped into her several times. It was clear to me that it was intentional and Deb immediately realized that a pickpocketing incident was in progress. Deb quickly checked her purse and indeed her wallet was gone. We stopped the woman and searched her thoroughly. You might think that this would have upset her but she was smiling and cooperating, eager to demonstrate that she had nothing of ours.

We soon realized that it could have been worse, much worse, as we still had our passports (and metro passes!). But we lost a large sum of money and the credit and ATM cards we counted on. We returned to the hotel to email the Credit Union about the thefts.

On later refection, we concluded that the actual theft had occurred earlier when we left the subway train (Deb recalls a “grandmother” who shoved her.) and that the second woman was making an independent attempt which failed because the wallet was no longer in the purse! No wonder she had nothing to hide!

Needless to say, we had a hard time reviving our enthusiasm for Barcelona but we had a nice last lunch at our favorite cerveseria:

including my new favorite anchovy dish:

And we spent an hour or so at the police station filing a report:

Here’s the hotel room, which had come to seem like home:

4 Responses to Can you say “pickpocket”?

  1. Wheeler Ruml says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear it…

  2. George T. says:

    Terrible feeling!

    Make you feel better: we were pick-pocketed in Paris’ metro. Niki saw a strange hand in her purse; they had already done the job on me; however, they threw my wallet on the floor when discovered by Niki. LUCK!
    In Athens, one HILR member was pick-pocketed in the Metro!

    Lesson: Avoid metros.
    Time to stay put at the house.

    George T.

  3. George says:

    Frm Judy Inker

    Oh – how despicable; we are so sorry. We are in Maine at Niki and George’s – beautiful weather, unbelievable relaxation – elevates indolence to a new high.
    Miss you – look forward to seeing you next month.

  4. Fede says:

    So sorry to hear this. And glad you were able to manage it well in the end (as evident from our dinner together at the villa).

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