B and Deb have decided it’s time to see the places in France they’ve never seen: Alsace, Orleans, Noirmoutier, pays Basque, etc. with a pass through Barcelona on the way to the villa in Lucca. They start in Paris visiting B’s French brother (from his Experiment in International Living summer 49 years ago) and his wife. But with a short excursion to Rome to see the Caravaggio exhibit.

We hope to be able to post every day!

We finally (why does it always take so long to do the obvious?) set up the tripod (brought along precisely for this purpose) and read the camera user manual to figure out how to set the self-timer (which is superb: set the delay in seconds and the number of frames to be taken in quick succession). We are quite pleased with the result:

but not with the fact that we can’t make the blog title a little smaller so it doesn’t cover our faces!

We got the mariners’ shirts in Noirmoutier at the market at (it goes without saying) a great price!

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