Friday at the Apple Store

Friday, May 21 – Paris: I’m trying to use a French keyboard zhich is not easy! We are at the Apple Store in the Carousel du Louvre just wanting to get this post made as a placeholder. Happily, the iPad is connected here so Deb can surf.

In the Carrousel du Louvre, we found a perfume store with the most fantastic silk peonies but, of course, they couldn’t tell us where to buy them. So we found a tag on one of them and Googled it: Sia, with stores around the world so we don’t have to figure out how to get them home. These were displayed right next to actual live peonies and we couldn’t tell the difference at close range:

Our second visit to the Louvre where we surveyed the French painting (endless) with some very nice items here and there.

Bought a 20cm steel frying pan at Dehillerin for all-purpose use on the trip. Couldn’t resist another linen-covered bread basket: every picnic needs one of those! Found the Paris branch of our favorite Soho Japanese clothing store, Uniqlo, where we bought some light-weight T-shirts and I made up for forgetting to pack any socks.

Must show you the sort of butcher which appears every 200 yards in Paris:

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