We didn’t do anything (well, we went to the beach)

Monday, July 5 – St-Jean-de-Luz: [Deb here] This was our day at the beach, something that we rarely do. We went to the beach in the morning, had a simple picnic lunch back at our chambre d’hote (the Duchess’s lovely leftovers of duck confit and aubergines) took a nap, strolled through town again for some more gelato and retired to the beach again in late afternoon. No pictures here, since this was a lazy day and we didn’t want to endanger the camera at the beach. We did, however, have a few cold beers (found this original Budweiser from the Czech Republic!):

At 9pm we went to a chamber concert in the church of St. Jean Baptiste in town. Perfect ending to a perfectly relaxed day.

2 Responses to We didn’t do anything (well, we went to the beach)

  1. George T. says:

    Between Byzantium and Germany Spain game I am finally catching up!
    1. Debra! You are very photogenic. Niki is jealous and loves the Laura Ashley dress!
    2. Never realized how low the liver is situated in the goose’s belly. Surprise! Are you bringing the foie gras all the way to the states, or was it already consume?
    3. Did not know that there is red Bergerac. I thought it is only white. I only have desert Bergerac. Is there Vin de Table aussi?
    4. Calculated the price of the dinner at “Auberge de la Truffe”. Quite impressive for the “campagne”.
    5. The eggplant dish is called: “Immam Baeldi”. We are very familiar with it, have the recipe and have cooked it. Not extremely successful, but acceptable. Hope you got the recipe from the Duchesse!
    6. St. Jean de Luz is famous. Ravel used to spend all his summers there. Kennebunkport town (you didn’t see) does remind me of the European resort towns.

    We both remain jealous of you and your adventures.

    George T.

  2. B Ruml says:

    The red Bergerac was a real surprise: very inexpensive ($18 bottle in a restaurant) and very full-bodied and robust. I’ll be trying to find some when I get back.

    There were two dinners at “Auberge de la Truffe”: 84 euros and 120 euros. I thought the 84 euro price was an incredible steal so I was happy to pay the 120 for twice as much foie gras and a full bottle of wine. In what way were you “impressed”?

    We’ve had the Immam Baeldi before but this was an improvement; and quite tasty. We left without the recipe but expect that we can get it later.

    We will be seriously sorry to leave St-jean-de-Luz tomorrow! (But we have serious sunburns!)

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